Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of Hosutu Web Hosting.  The aim of this document is to outline what data we collect, where our data is stored, when your data is being used and how we plan on using this data.

Here at Hosutu we respect your privacy.


What Information Do We Collect?

Personal data (or personal information) means any information about you (or any individual for that matter) which means this person can be identified.  This does not include any data where your identity has been removed (anonymous data).

We may collect the following person information about you:

  • Names, including First, Last, Maiden, Usernames, Marital Status, Title, Birthdays and Gender.
  • Contact information such as your billing address, email address and telephone numbers.
  • Financial and Transaction based data including bank accounts, payment cards or digital wallet information such as Paypal.  The products and services you have purchased from us and the payments that are associated with them are also collected.
  • Marketing and communication based data such as survey responses, feedback, support tickets along with your profile information on our website such as username and password.
  • Our Technical data includes your IP address, your login data, browser types and versions, time zones and other platform specific data used to access this website.

We also do collect statistics on our users which we may use, however this data is not considered to be personal information due to the aggregated nature and it cannot be used to identify you.  (eg percentage of our users who have used a specific feature of the website).

We do not collect any data regarding sexuality, religion, race, politics, health or any other non-relevant information to hosting websites with us.  We also have no desire to change this.

This service is not intended for children and we therefore do not knowingly collect any information regarding children.


Where Is My Data Kept?

Your data is kept on our servers which are based in the UK and only people we authorise may have access to your information.

All of your personal data will be available to you in your control panel with us.  From our CRM you can see exactly what information we hold on you and you are able to adjust this whenever you wish.  Technical data and non-personal data will not be available for you to view due to the nature of this information.

Where Can I View My Information

You can view all the personal information we hold about you via your account with us, just go to your account details page and you will be able to see the personal information we hold on you, as well as a record of our email communications with you.  As part of the GDPR guidelines you may also request an export of any data we hold on you from our system.  Such requests should be made via our support ticket system.


When Do We Collect Data?

We collect data on every visit to our website in the form of Technical data, your personal data is only collected when you are requested to fill in forms on our website or though our support channels.

When Do We Use The Data?

We use the data held in our systems when we are running our day to day operations, through our support channels and though setting up products and services at your request.  We may also use your technical and aggregated data at any point in time to assist our business (internally only).

We do not share this data with any third parties unless required by law, or when acting on your behalf – an example of this would be to pass on the required information to our SSL providers when you purchase a security certificate for your website.  Rapid SSL, GeoTrust and Symantic all have their own privacy policies you should view when going through this process.

We may also use your data for marketing purposes in the form of promotions from us which we think will be relevant to you.  We are required to send you notices of your existing products and orders (such as expiry dates and renewal notices etc) regardless of your decision to opt-in or opt-out of our marketing information.

We will not pass on customer information to third parties for marketing purposes without your permission.


How Do We Collect This Information?

We collect our personal information from you (voluntarily) when you sign up for our products and services, we are not interested in collecting any data from you that we do not actually need.  Anything you provide (other than the essentials) will be to improve your interactions with us.

The technical data that we collect will be from the use of cookies and information gathered from our webservers (and your browsers).  We may also receive technical information from analytic providers, affiliate network providers, search engines and advertising networks.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any data that is collected about you from third party websites and services.  We do not control these websites and they will be responsible for their own privacy rules and regulations.  We recommend that you check out the policies when you reach other websites.

More Information

Data Security

We have appropriate security measures in place to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, altered, abused or sold on. The only people who are authorised to view your data are staff who are actively working on your account.  We are also legally required to let you know of any data breaches.

We are not responsible for the way you use our service, if you are running a business or collecting data on your website hosted with us, you will need your own compliance rules and regulations.  Any personal data you collect is your own responsibility.

Retention of Data

We retain your personal data for as long as necessary in order to meet any legal, reporting or financial requirements.

In some circumstances you can ask us to delete your data.  We maybe also desensitise your personal data for statistics or research purposes,  in which case we may use this desensitised data indefinitely without further notice.

Your Rights (Legal)

Under GDPR rules you have (under certain cicumstances) the right to the following:

  1. Request access to your personal data.
  2. Request correction of your personal data.
  3. Request deletion of your personal data.
  4. Reject to processing your personal data.
  5. Request restrictions to be placed upon processing your personal data.
  6. Request your personal data to be transferred.
  7. Withdrawal of consent.

If you wish to follow up on any of the rights listed, please contact us via our Tickets system.  Legitimate requests will attempt to be completed within 28 days of receipt with the exception of large scale or demanding requests, in this instance we will keep you up to date but can offer no exact time-frames.  No fee will be required, however if your request is not based upon facts, is repetitive or excessively demanding we may either charge a reasonable fee for the time or reject your request.  In order for us to process your requests we will need your assistance in confirming your identity and your rights to this data.  This is a security measure and will not be adjusted for any reason.