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Here at Hosutu we also sell various addons to make your hosting journey that little bit easier, from SSL certificates and Domain Privacy, to premium mailboxes and even a Managed WordPress service!  Be sure to browse below for more information – if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

 Domain Privacy

As a domain name owner you are required to provide contact information so that other Internet users can contact you if needed. This information is often referred to as the WHOIS information. Unfortunately this information is regularly used to send unsolicited emails (spam) or could be used by competitors or other third parties to find out your address and contact information.

The good news is that we are able to protect this information for you using our domain name privacy product. For just £8 per year we will protect your real identity in the domain WHOIS databases by providing generic contact information using our domain name So rather than your address, your phone number and your name being displayed, all they see is

Premium Mailbox

Upgrade an existing Standard Mailbox to a Premium Mailbox with 2GB of storage for just £15 per year. Premium mailboxes can be further upgraded, at a rate of £15 per additional 2GB.

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox

An Exchange mailbox keeps you connected wherever you go, thanks to a 30GB capacity, free mobile device support and Outlook Web Access (webmail). Enterprise level spam filtering and virus scanning, and a free copy of Outlook 2013 are also included, making Exchange the most comprehensive email solution available. Outlook provides you with a rich email interface, full forwarding and autoresponder features, along with individual and shared calendars, contact lists, and task lists.  All of this is available for just £15 per month.

Please note: If you already have a standard mailbox that you wish to upgrade to Exchange, you will need to delete it first.

Email Virus Scanning

Protecting your home or business PC from viruses is critically important. Nine out of ten viruses are spread by email. Our virus scanning system stops emails at the server so you never have to try and deal with them yourself. Our software automatically updates every hour so that it always knows about the latest viruses on the Internet. Each virus scanner you buy will protect one specified domain for just £35 per year.

Personalised Secure Server (SSL Certificate)

Basic SSL
Perfect for small websites and businesses just starting out – or sites who just want to show they have secured traffic with a certificate!

  • Based on the Alpha SSL product from GlobalSign.
  • https:// before your URL.
  • Padlock displayed on the user’s browser.
  • 128-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption.
£60 per year
Standard SSL
Perfect for business start ups and small websites looking for personalised security for extra reassurance.

  • Provided by GlobalSign.
  • Domain Authentication
  • https:// before your URL.
  • GlobalSign Secure Site Seal
  • 128-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • $10,000 warranty
£220 per year
Extended Verification SSL
Maximum security offered, show this off with a green address bar and a warranty of $250,000 – Offer maximum trust in your site with this product!

  • Provided by GlobalSign.
  • Domain, business and extended checks.
  • https:// before your URL and a green address bar.
  • GlobalSign Secure Site Seal.
  • 128-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • $250,000 warranty
£360 per year

Please note – All SSL certificates are non refundable once purchased as they are applied directly to your domain name.  These will not auto-renew, but we will let you know when you are due for a renewal!

Semi-Managed WordPress Service

A new concept for you WordPress fans out there – we set up your WordPress installation for you, then apply a number of addons to help protect your website.  We will automatically update anything that we can and offer you a robust backup solution.

This lets you get on with your content and design, knowing all the other bits are taken care of in the background!

Prices start from just £20 per month, contact support for more information!